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Spring rains are coming soon! With the rain, comes the storms which can cause unexpected power outages. A power outage during the time of rain can be a huge inconvenience and can cause costly repairs to individuals who have sump pumps installed in their basement or crawlspace. A sump pump runs off of electricity and without electricity it will not pump the water out of the basement or crawlspace. Resulting in damage and costly repairs.

We want to help you avoid a disastrous situation so we are we're offering our Battery Backup at a discounted price. The advantage of having a Battery Backup installed is simple. The Battery Backup will provide power to your sump pump during power outages. This will allow the sump pump to expel the water even if the power is out. This will save you time and money.

In addition, we are including our Deluxe Maintenance Plan information. Please take a moment to read this information. This plan will help extend your sump pump and as an added convenience, we take care of all the maintenance. Again, because you are a preferred customer, we will offer the Deluxe Maintenance Plan at a discount. Please make sure to contact our office by calling 1-800-848-9805 for discount pricing on both great offers.