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Clogged Drain Pipe

Clogged Drain Pipe in St. Louis & Lake of the Ozarks

Clogged Drain Pipe Repair

Clogged drain pipes pose a lot of dangers to your basement. When exterior drainage systems are clogged, rainwater has nowhere to go. The water builds up hydrostatic pressure against the wall of the basement and forces itself through small opening and crevices. A wet basement comes with its own set of problems starting from mold infestation to a moldy smell and health issues. We are here to prevent a wet basement.

Midwest Basement Tech is the local waterproofing expert in Greater St. Lous & Lake of the Ozarks, MO. We serve to free clogged drain pipes and get them functioning again. Our crew is equipped with modern cleaning tools that help us take care of the job effectively. We will clean and remove any obstruction in the waterway, for a fully operating drain pipe.

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Why Do Footing Drain Pipes Clog?

As rainwater seeps into the ground and gathers up against the basement wall, footing drains drive them away from the foot of the basement. However, particles in the soil and mud enter the drain along with the water and form layers of sediment over time. Eventually, they block the waterway and the drainage system is no longer effective in removing the water from the foot of the basement. Cleanup is usually required, however, our footing drains are designed with a fiber filter technology that prevents fine particles in the soil from entering the drain.

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Experiencing a clogged drain pipe and water seeping into the basement? Contact Midwest Basement Tech for professional cleanup for your clogged drain pipe at customer-friendly prices. We are available in Godfrey, Grover, Bethalto, and other cities throughout Greater St. Louis, Lake of the Ozarks, Illinois, Missouri & Westen Kentucky. When you need our services, contact us online or give our experts a call today at 844-204-3537.

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