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How Cold Does a Crawl Space

How Cold Does a Crawl Space Get?

How Cold Does a Crawl Space Get

The crawl space is the lowest level of your home and is also the place that is exposed to the outside air. Most homeowners do not seal their crawl spaces. What this does is allow cold air to enter the crawl space and circulate the entire house. As a result, the floors above the crawl space remain cold and you might have to turn up the thermostat, indulging in a much higher utility bill. 

If your crawl space is not encapsulated or sealed using vent covers, then humid & cold air will enter and spread throughout your house. Additionally, the humid air condenses in the crawl space creating wet and damp conditions. During the chilly days of winter, these pools of water or condensed droplets of water freeze and create extremely cold temperatures in the crawl space which slowly spread through your entire home. 

Solution to Keep Crawl Space Warm in Winter

Solution to Keep Crawl Space Warm in Winter

Midwest Basement Tech is the leading crawl space specialist for more than a decade. We are providing effective and cost-efficient solutions to prepare your crawl space for winter. Every house and crawl space is different so we provide custom solutions that fit the needs of every home. Keep your utility bill from going too high with our affordable yet practical solution to prevent cold air from entering your crawl space. 

Crawl Space Winter Defense by Midwest Basement Tech

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Do you feel like you are using too much electrical heating to keep your house warm? Cold air entering through the crawl space vents is spreading through your home, making floors colder and difficult to control the temperature using electrical heating. Cut off your heating expenses with our solutions for your crawl space. We are available 24/7 in Arnold, O'Fallon, Carlinville, Roxana, and more nearby areas in Central & Southern IL & MO, Greater St. Louis and Western KY. Give us a call today at 844-204-3537 for a FREE ESTIMATE.

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