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Vent Covers for Winter

Vent Covers for Winter in Springfield, Edwardsville, St. Louis & O’Fallon

Vent Covers for Winter in Springfield, Edwardsville

Winter has arrived and it's time to wrap yourself in layers of warm clothes and lay all day at home. While we take care of ourselves in winter, your crawl space needs attention too. You see, during winter, the outside weather is cold and you do not want the inside to be cold too. But if you leave your crawl space unattended, then it might cost you heavily on heating bills and hit you with problems like mold damage, dirty air condition, and insects.

However, Midwest Basement Tech offers you high-grade vent covers so that your crawl space is ready to face the winter. Our vent covers allows your crawl space to be more secure. It blocks cold and humid air from entering the crawl space through the vents. This will save your expenses on heating bills. At the same time, it keeps off insects and rodents from nesting. Moreover, with no humid air entering it effectively helps prevent mold growth.

If you want to get effective vent covers for your crawl space, then contact Midwest Basement Tech today or call us at 844-204-3537.

Why You Should Seal Your Vents in the Winter Season

Why You Should Seal Your Vents in the Winter Season
  • Avoid Expensive Heating Bills - The cold air entering your crawl space circulates your home, as a result, any attempt at heating your house using electrical heaters or any other method is less effective. You might need to put electrical heaters at a higher temperature to achieve optimal temperatures for you. This will cost you more than usual.
  • Pests Take Shelter in Your Crawl Space - Due to extremely cold weather outside, insects like spiders, termites, roaches, and more are forced to find shelter in your crawl space. They may make your crawl space dirty and some might end up dying which might leave you with an unbearable smell.
  • Mold Damage - Humid and moist air entering your crawl space eventually condenses and turns the interior into a wet and damp place. Molds are easily attracted to such conditions and may create a moldy condition filled with spores and a bad smell. Moreover, moldy conditions are known to cause health-related issues like throat irritation, skin irritation, nausea, allergic reactions, and more. If you want to permanently remove from your property, check out our mold, dust mite & odor removal services.

Vent Covers at Affordable Prices in Albers & Montreal

Midwest Basement Tech has been the leading crawl space specialist in Central & Southern IL & MO, Greater St. Louis, Western KY for more than a decade. Freezing winters may cause you a great of damage but do not worry, because we have got you covered. We help you obtain a sustainable and healthy crawl space condition during these harsh times of winter. We are available 24/7 in Montreal, Alexander, Alton, Camdenton, and more nearby areas. Give us a call today at 844-204-3537 for a healthy crawl space.

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